Different Types of Task Lighting in Interior Design

Task lighting is a type of lighting which we use for the particular area and help to complete the task easily. These lights are totally different from ambient lighting which are used to illuminate the general area.  

These lights are especially used in software or hi-tech industries where employees have to work for a long time on computers. Focused lighting is a great part of workstation because it relieves eye strain.

These lights are made up of LED bulbs. That is very helpful for our retina and less aggressive. Same as other products, these type of most lights are adjustable. You can adjust these lights according to your need and preference.

Strategies for task lighting

There are so many different strategies task lighting perform. The main three approaches are described here-

  • Asymmetric task light
  • Localized average lighting
  • Freely adjustable task light like a balanced-arm lamp, a swing-arm lamp

There are so many works of task lighting in machinery, so many work areas need luminous light. Task lights play a very important role in medical and surgery as well as dentist lamp. Task lamps are also used in many home activity like sewing, reading, writing, repairing, crafting and other activities.

Types of task lighting

There so many types of this lighting some of them are described here

  • Adjustable   
  • Magnifying task lights
  • Localized average 
  • Home 
  • Industrial

Let’s describe all these task lightings


Adjustable task lightThe most important feature of these types of lights is explicit, anyone can adjust these lights according to their use. These lights have some limits that how to position the light. A freely adjustable lamp can include glare control, as honeycomb or parabolic louver that set the focus of light on the required area.  

The common form of home task lighting includes a goose-neck lamp or swing arm light. With the help of an adjustable neck, you can fix it on the exact area where you want, and you can adjust the swing-arm wall sconces on the side of the bed or chair. For a home office, people mostly like to use a free-standing, adjustable desk lamp.  

Magnifying lights magnifying lights

Some task lights come with magnifying glasses for detailed tasks. These lights are mostly used by the dentist for dental cleaning.

Localized average task lighting (Ambient lighting)

Localized average task lightinglocalized average task lighting is consists of a luminaire. With this option provides ambient lighting on the top of the task lighting. It works as an uplighter with a light source and by this light is directed downward.

Home task lighting

you can also use task lights for home held use. Some people use these lights for some specific task like cooking, sewing, reading, or paperwork. These lights are available in the market in fixed and adjustable form. In the home for cooking, you can also use kitchen task lights.

Industrial task lighting

These industrial lights are mostly placed for the actual task. The luminaire directs the light over the desk, with the highest illuminance to the side of the lamp head. There is mostly one arm system that holds the lamp head horizontally. It is used where people are using different height furniture.

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